Our vision is to bring trust and confidence into the Real-Estate investment world. 

We'll do it with big data. 



The Real-Estate world is too complex to let everything hang on old fashioned personal skills and Intuition. To build a competitive advantage, a data driven solution Is needed. 

Our mission is to build an automated Al solution that collects and processes the data, so our customers can focus their agents and brokers where they will do their best work. Let's free up the consumer life cycle and get straight to closing.

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Sure, were a little data obsessed, but its more than that. For us, its all about trust and confidence We want to improve the way people think of Real-Estate and take it to a new level. 

This Is why we pushed so hard for Al. Solutions that were once generic can become Innovative and tailored. We can give customers a personal experience, One of creativity and transparency



Platera was founded in 2020 by real-estate and technology experts. We're proud of our insanely talented team that includes a massive amount of experience in artificial intelligence, behavioral economics, and digital transformation. If you're going to change the real-estate world, this is the team you want.

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Tomer Kalderon

Co Founder & CEO 

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Dr. Or Yair

Ai & Machine Learning VP R&D

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Dr. Guy Hochman


Nimrod Arluk

Co Founder & CMO 

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Dario Mosconi

B2B Sales & Marketing EU 

Adv. David Bahar

EU Regulation