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The Behavioral Edge

Special MasterMind meetings Led by Dr. Guy Hochman

Welcome to "The Behavioral Edge", unique Mastermind meetings designed for senior officials in various tech companies who want to gain a competitive advantage in the dynamic market and prepare for the future of work.

Behavioral economics is a fascinating field that combines insights from economics and psychology to map the forces that influence people's decision-making. By understanding these forces, companies can motivate their employees and customers to make better decisions and achieve their organizational goals.

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What is
"The Behavioral Edge" MasterMind? is a pioneer in the field of behavioral economics & Technology and is excited to offer the first cycle of "The Behavioral Edge."


This special and unusual mastermind meeting series will be led by our Chief Behavioral Officer (CBO)- Dr. Guy Hochman will consist of 4 one-hour virtual sessions starting on May 11th. The meetings will be held on Zoom, allowing participants to attend from the comfort of their own office or home. There is no cost for participating but an application is needed,

To ensure a personal and deep experience, we have limited the number of participants to 20. This small group size will allow for meaningful discussions and personalized attention to all.

What participants will get from joining the Mastermind


About Dr. Guy Hochman,
Founder & CBO at

Dr. Guy Hochman, Head of the Behavioral Economics Department at Reichman University, is a highly accomplished expert. With previous work in the research lab of Prof. Dan Arieli at Duke University, Guy leads a team of researchers and practitioners in advancing the understanding of human behavior and decision-making in worldwide organizations such as Intel, Bank of America, and more. As the Chief Behavioral Officer of, his unique combination of academic and practical experience brings a valuable perspective to companies.

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